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Working Beauty From The Inside Out
Classic Manicure $20

Includes a hand soak, cuticle work, hand and arm massage, soothing hot towels.

Nuskin Ice Dancer Manicure $25

Everything a soothing manicure has to offer plus invigorating Ice dancer and hot towel is included to restore and energize aching hands.

OPI Manicure $35

Manicure by OPI is a system of professional products developed to transform ordinary manicures into extraordinary spa services. A system so simple, it's perfect. Formulated with nature's own soothing and effective botanicals. Manicure by OPI restores soles with treatment options that refresh and re-energize your skin.

Gel Manicure $37

Everything in the Classic Manicure top with gel polish of choice.

Add On French or American $8


Classic Pedicure $35

Includes a foot soak, cuticle work, foot and leg massage, soothing hot towels.

Olive Sensation $42

Rough? Revive your feet with virgin Olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins H and E that helps to repair and renew skin from overexposure of the sun.

Cucumber Fresher $42

Need some glow? Freshen your feet for a vibrant, healthy glow with cucumber extract! Cucumber helps mask all problem areas and helps soothe and soften your skin.

Tangerine Twist $42

Fatigued? Keep your feet's skin happy; healthy with vitamin C! Tangerine contains antifungal and antiseptic properties which help prevent and treat skin infections.

Green Tea $42

Detox time! Detoxify and hydrate your feet with green tea extract! Green tea is used to reduce dryness to the skin. It also prevents premature aging!

Lemon Quench $42

Dehydrated? Quench your skin's thirst with Lemon Extract. Lemon contains enzymes that help to cleanse the skin by removing dead cells and flushing away toxins.



Mango Delight $47

Qtica smart Spa Exotic Mango Sugar Scrub, Exotic Mango Moisture Mask, and Exotic Mango Luxury Lotion, base coat, polish, top coat.

Lavender Relief $47

Stressed ? Relieve with Lavender Oil Extract! Lavender benefits in being antiseptic and antifungal which helps reduce scarring and speeds up healing.



Charcoal Pedicure + Paraffin Wax $55

The first of its kind of pedicure to use activated Black Charcoal as its key ingredient. The naturally magnetic and incredibly porous ingredient magically attracts and eradicates dirt, oil, and odor-causing bacteria from deep within the pores, detoxifying and rejuvenating fired feel in the spa-quality formulations, each product in our innovative Charcoal Pedicure infused 4-step regimen was crafted to perform effectively within the system. Hot stone massage. Paraffin wax treatment included.

Milk & Honey + Paraffin Wax $55

You're going to Bee in love with this pedicure! Our sweet milk bath provides a natural exfoliating, followed by a sugar scrub that enhances the honey base massage, infusing deep moisture and a heavenly aroma. Hot stone massage. Paraffin wax treatment included.

Aloe Vera + Paraffin Wax $55

Treat yourself to mother nature's Aloe Vera care. This natural fresh plant mineral will keep your feet/hands looking soft. smooth, and keeping your skin healthy reducing scarring or sun burns, and bringing your skin to a new level. Hot stone massage. Paraffin wax treatment included.



OPI Pedicure $60

edicure by OPI is a system of professional products O.P.I developed to transform ordinary pedicures into extraordinary spa services. A system so simple, it's perfect. Formulated with nature's own soothing and effective botanicals, Pedicure by OPI restores soles with treatment options that refresh and re-energize with 8 steps: FOOTBATH, CALLUS SOFTENER, FOOT SCRUB, FOOT MASSAGE, SKIN SMOOTHING, FOOT GEL. Hot stone massage. Paraffin wax treatment included.



Hot Stone $5
Paraffin $8
Extra Massage (1 min) $1
French or American Polish $8
Gel Polish $20


Nuskin Smoothing Pedicure $42

Starting with a Mineral Herbal Bath soak the followed by a gentle massage and exfoliation with natural Body Liquid Lufra. After toenails and cuticles are carefully trimmed and shaped, heels are treated with all Spice Berry Sole Solution. Finish with a traditional lower leg massage using Body Smoother lotion leaving your skin feeling silky.

Nuskin Ice Dancer Pedicure + Paraffin Wax $55

Your feet have been long waiting for this rejuvenating pedicure. Say a warm whirlpool soaking with Mineral Herbal Bath. then a gentle massage and Walnut Husk Liquid Body Lufra exfoliation. While regular pedicure components are tented, a calf massage with the Invigorating Ice dancer and steamy towel wrap are added for restoring vitality and energizing the legs. Dry heels are also treated with an all Spice Berry Sole Solution. Finish with a soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter for an ultimate experience. Hot Stone Massage, Paraffin Wax Treatment included.

Nuskin Firewalker Pedicure + Paraffin Wax $60

Indulge in this guilty pleasure without the guilt. The Firewalker Pedicure will leave your feet and left feeling amazing. Using Herbal Mineral Bath, a blend of Grapefruit Body Bar and Walnut Body Lufra Exfoliating and top it off with the Revitalizing Ice Dancer leg massage and hot towel wrap to bring your pedicure experience to a whole new level. Along with our most famous Sole Firewalker Cream will take all the tiredness away. Finish with the ultimate soft Baobab Body Butter. Hot Stone Massage, Paraffin Wax Treatment included.

Volcano Spa Pedicure $60

Feeling rough? Tiring-looking skin?

Volcano asks truly mother nature's natural skin purifier with a detoxing volcano crystal soak and activator you will feel the warmth of volcano heat beneath your feet. An exfoliator that will remove the outer layer of your dead skin, the collagen mask will have you feeling soothe and relax, along with the collagen lotion  giving your skin a refreshing look. Hot stone massage. Collagen socks are included with this pedicure

Volcano Spa CBD + Foot Booties $75

This treatment includes everything in the Volcano Spa Pedicure plus CBD to help relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, help with inflammatory arthritis pain, nerve-related pain & sleep disorders. Paraffin wax included. Amazing results!

Golden Mystic Spa Pedicure + Foot Booties $85

- Moisturizes and hydrates, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and refresh.

- The plant essence can quickly, brighten, moisturize the skin and clean.

- Collagen socks is included with this pedicure to penetrate and moisturize the skin with argan oil and collagen-rich emulsion.

CBD Spa Pedicure $100

This treatment will help moisturize dry skin, soothe minor muscle and joint aches, assist muscle tension, stress relief giving you the ultimate CBD experience for your feet. Collagen socks is included with this pedicure.



Acrylic Full Set $40 +
Acrylic Fill $30 +
Gel Full Set $50 +
Gel Fill $45 +
Pink & White Full Set $60 +
Pink & White Fill $55 +
Pink Fill $40 +
Dipping Powder $40 +
Dip Powder W/ Mani $50 +
Dip Powder W/ Tip $45 +
Ombré Dipping $45 +
Ombré Full Set $60 +
Add French/ Clear Gel Top $8 +
Various Shape or Extra Length $5 +


Nail Polish $12 +
French Polish $12 +
Toe Nail Polish $15 +
French Toe Nail Polish $15 +
Nail Replacement $5 +
Cut Down $5
Nail Removal $10 +
Nail Take Off & Manicure $30
Pink & White Replace $5 +
Nail Art (Per Nail) $3 +
Gel Polish Only $25 +
Colors / French Tips w/Gel $8 +


Eye/ Lip Chin $30
Eye/ Chin $20
Eye/ Lip $18
Eyebrow $12
Chin $10
Lip $8
KID SPA (8 & under)

KID SPA (8 & under)

Kid Manicure $15
Kid Pedicure $25